Employee of a brokerage or fund management house who studies companies and makes buy-and-sell recommendations on stocks of these companies. Most specialize in a specific industry. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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analyst an‧a‧lyst [ˈænl-st] noun [countable] JOBS
someone who is a specialist in a particular subject, market, industry etc and examines information relating to it in order to give their views about what will happen or should be done:

• The company's senior oil analyst said that OPEC may need to cut production to balance the market.

• Internet analysts agree that security is a big issue.

• an analyst with the Ministry of Defence

ˈbusiness ˌanalyst COMPUTING JOBS
another word for systems analyst
comˈputer ( industry) ˌanalyst COMPUTING JOBS
someone whose job is to examine the computer industry for a financial institution
ˈcredit ˌanalyst FINANCE JOBS
someone whose job is to estimate the financial strength of companies, for example in a credit agency:

• Credit analysts see no signs that the health of companies that issue junk bonds will improve any time soon.

fiˈnancial ˌanalyst FINANCE JOBS
someone who does financial analysis (= analysis of the financial state of a company or person)
ˈindustry ˌanalyst ECONOMICS JOBS
someone who does industry analysis (= analysis of conditions in an industry at a particular time):

• a chemical-industry analyst at Morgan Stanley & Co

inˈvestment ˌanalyst FINANCE JOBS
someone at a financial institution whose job is to look at the performance of different types of investment and make recommendations for future investments:

• The company is expected to report that its first-half net income fell 15% to 25%, London investment analysts said.

ˈsystems ˌanalyst COMPUTING JOBS
someone whose job involves studying business or industrial operations, and who uses computers to plan improvements, changes etc:

• A systems analyst will assess the feasibility of the proposals.

ˈtechnical ˌanalyst
FINANCE JOBS someone who studies patterns in share prices and other market movements in order to calculate how they might change in the future; = chartist:

• Technical analysts use a variety of complex charting techniques.

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   Generic term used to describe someone who analyses company data, economic data or price charts, in order to make trading recommendations.

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analyst UK US /ˈænəlɪst/ noun [C]
someone whose job is to study or examine something in detail: »

a financial/food/political analyst


A large number of analysts are pessimistic about the future of the economy.

See also BUSINESS ANALYST(Cf. ↑business analyst), COMPUTER ANALYST(Cf. ↑computer analyst), CREDIT ANALYST(Cf. ↑credit analyst), FINANCIAL ANALYST(Cf. ↑financial analyst), INVESTMENT ANALYST(Cf. ↑investment analyst), MARKET ANALYST(Cf. ↑market analyst), SYSTEMS ANALYST(Cf. ↑systems analyst), TECHNICAL ANALYST(Cf. ↑technical analyst)

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